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Glass Display Cubes


Modular glass cubes for display are easy to assemble and provide a clean viual, no-nonsense utility for your retail merchandising by combining the simplicity of a shelving unit with the high presentation value of a glass showcase.

Glass cube displays represent some of the most versatile and efficient in-store display systems available to the retailer; providing the solution for display, stock organization, merchandising in one easy to use fixture unit. This customizable shelving display system also offers convenient flexibility to reconfigure and adapt as your needs change. Each glass cube is assembled on the previous cube unit so you can choose to build side to side, upright and stepped. This smart-shelf adaptability is possible because the components (beveled edge tempered glass panels and chrome metal connectors) allow multiple configurations which are simple to assemble and dismantle using only a screwdriver and a rubber mallet. The dynamic nature of the retail business requires a flexible approach to space management, stock allocations and merchandise categories in response to seasonal changes, stock quantities and effectiveness of your in-store VM marketing to which this style of store display is very well suited.

Tempered (shatterproof) safety glass panels are built up using metal or transparent acrylic connectors to create shelving displays which are strong and stable. In spite of the deceptively fragile appearance, this style of fixture is designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of the most busy retail environments. The easy assembly and adaptability this type of fixture makes it a favorite solution for a wide range of retailers.

The cube style construction provides a structural integrity of the great strength combined with of 3/16" tempered/toughened glass panels. In fact the minimal components used to put this display together creates a simple, functional elegance with clear, unrestricted views of the showcased items. The transparent glass shelves also means that the ambient in-store lighting is in most cases all that is required for the merchandise to be perfectly illuminated.

Glass cube merchandisers furnish the retail architecture of a store with a clean contemporary look suitable for organizing and displaying a broad selection of merchandise including folded clothing, toiletries, cosmetics and electronics with an aesthetic, logical and undemanding visual presence that does not compete for attention with the displayed products . The fixture can be placed directly on the floor for a clean, minimalist and space efficient presentation, or built up on a choice of bases to construct a more cohesive gondola-style merchandiser. Proper display and stock organization is integral to retail success and this system fulfills those needs with an uncomplicated clarity that also enables the retailer to assess stock levels at a glance and for customers to select products including color, style and size options with equal ease.

The neutral design of glass cube shelving units will blend with a broad range of retail schemes, they can also be used in store windows, placed against the wall as a perimeter style display case, used to create walls, screens and space dividers and be quickly converted from one application to another. When not required for use the glass display cubes can be dismantled and stored away in a remarkably compact space ready for reuse.

We also supply a range of popular/standard configurations available in kit form such as the circular glass étagère and various other styles as well as all the necessary components to build your own glass cube display design.

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