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Subastral Inc for Store Fixtures, Display Cases and Clothing Display Supplies

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Frameless Showcases


These frameless display cases are constructed using tempered safety glass and designed for maximum visibility of the items within.  The clean design eliminates the visually obstructive framework used in other display case designs and so allows for clear viewing of the contents from every angle.  Each glass display cabinet is combined with a sleek and durable melamine laminate base to provide the perfect function utility and visual styling.

The sleek design and clarity of the frameless display cases is results from stripped down construction. All extraneous structural components have replaced by heavy duty chrome connecting brackets which are secured directly to the reinforced safety glass resulting in an unbeatable visual clarity.

Subastral Inc’s frameless display cases are available with locking cabinets and fitted internal illumination to create the perfect lighting and maximum impact for the contents displayed.  This form of glass display case is suitable for displaying all sorts of merchandise, collectibles and for trophy displays.

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