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We live in an age that is increasingly visual. When it comes to promoting clothing outfits, well-dressed mannequins have the unique ability to deliver an impressive three dimensional message to consumers. There are no other types of retail props that have the potent ability to visually display that moment in time between the consumer's fashion fantasy and what hangs on the retail rack. A display mannequin is unsurpassed in its capacity to bring apparel for sale to life in very appealing terms.

Mannequins are one of the first things that customers notice when they enter your store. A store isn't judged just by the quality of the merchandise. They are also heavily influenced by how the goods are visually presented, especially when it comes to the artistry and skill with how the mannequins are outfitted and presented.

Mannequins also offer the ultimate experience when it comes to cross-promotional merchandising displays. They provide retailers with the opportunity to highlight some of the finer details that a piece of clothing possesses, along with the ability to display coordinated outfits as well as complimentary accessories that offer a very appealing and cohesive fashion statement.

How To Choose The Best Display Mannequins

A mannequin is one of the most valuable display tools available for fashion retailers to use. Some careful thought about how display mannequins are used and positioned can help retail stores attract more customers as well as influence how much money they spend on clothing and accessories.

The first decision you need to make when choosing mannequins is figuring out what kind you want. There are many different types available, including full-sized and life-like models along with stylized designs that focus on specific body parts.

For window displays, the best option is usually life-sized models. Display mannequins provide you with the opportunity to showcase complete outfits that shoppers see from the street when passing by your store. Various poses can also be used, allowing you to create an eye catching presentation.

Another good idea is to use other types of display stands that are at your disposal. This provides props for your mannequins to interact with and increases the visual interest of your entire retail display.

On the other hand, models of certain body types, such as the torso, would be better suited for the shop floor. They don't take up as much space as full-sized mannequins and can be placed on rails or on top of shelves. The placement of these models over the garments being displayed can help customers find their way around your store and locate what they are searching for.

One major advantage that life-sized mannequins have is that they can be used to showcase entire outfits. A skirt and blouse or jeans and a shirt can be paired with complimentary accessories that are available for sale in your store. This is a subtle but effective way to suggest certain ensembles that you have available for sale. Having a visual display of specific examples can help customers mix and match various apparel and might also encourage them to buy extra items or try something new. This can especially be the case when it comes to accessories, like jewelry and belts, which can really finish off an outfit and overall style. With a little imagination and creativity, it is quite possible that your well-dressed display mannequins can help raise the average amount of money customers spend in your store.

Be sure to experiment with different ideas. If you dress one of your mannequins in a certain way and you don't like the look, all you have to do is either completely start over or change a few things. Spend some time deciding which items you specifically want to promote and which items of clothing and accessories go well together.

The mannequin style you use can also influence the overall appearance. A silver stylized model, for example, provides a much more contemporary look than a flesh-color model with a realistic face where headless mannequins can provide a prop to focus on nothing but the clothes. Choose your mannequins based on your shopper demographics and the messages you would like to deliver to your customers.

Where your mannequins are positioned in the store can also make a huge difference. Carefully consider where they will look their best, but don't forget to also think about how their positioning can affect how customers move about the store. The mannequins should be placed in prominent locations. However, you don't want them blocking any of the main walkways around your store.

You may want to raise your mannequins off the ground using plinths. This will allow shoppers to see your displays from across the store. They could be positioned next to specific product lines so that customers are sure to get a good look of your latest collection. Another idea is to have a display in the center of the store. This can serve as a focal point and entice shoppers into the store when they pass by the door.

When it comes to mannequins, there are so many possibilities. Don't think of them as just places to drape clothes on. Consider all the different possibilities of how they can help enhance your business and increase your sales. Whether you would like to redo your shop displays, encourage customers to buy more merchandise or showcase your latest collection, mannequins can play an invaluable role. When you dress your models, make certain that you consider all of your possibilities and take advantage of every opportunity and be as creative as you can.

Subastral Inc supplies a wide array of display mannequins including a wide range of headless mannequins for all of your retail needs. They can be used for staging artistic window displays as well as for showcasing merchandising apparel.

We select our mannequin collection based on features and qualities that skillfully model body forms. Our mannequins have either stylized or naturalistic features in practical and convenient poses. Our mannequin collection includes torso, male and female mannequins. Some of our perennial favorites also include our egg head, abstract and as mentioned previously, our classic headless mannequins. All of our mannequins combine affordable prices with superior functionality.


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